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Small Business

Starting and running a small business includes many different aspects of law.  Though you are a separate entity as soon as you are registered, there are other legal deliberations that should be taken into consideration when you start or build your small business..

Define small..

Get ready to build and grow.

What I have found from different conversations is that business owners, especially women business owners, are overwhelmed by the price of legal advice or documents that will assist in protecting their business.  Some have been burned by former partners or former employees or they are not knowledgeable of the legal implications of the legal terms for the big contracts.  Just because you are working out of your home today does not mean you will work out of your home forever.  Most major corporations started out of the owner's garage. 


My firm's goal is to prepare you for the many different events and circumstances that may occur as your business continues to grow.  I want you to be ready for that next hire, that next contract, or that next big move into your brick-and-mortar at a rate that fits your business.  Click on the link to the right to see the options available for your business.

*This website is intended to give general information and does not give legal advice.  Appropriate legal advice depends on specific facts and circumstances and specified applicable laws.  Neither reading emails nor replying to emails is intended as giving legal advice nor establishing an attorney-client relationship.  The firm does not accept professional responsibility or liability for any matter unless, and until, there is an appropriate fee and representation agreement between the firm and the client.  The firm is licensed to give legal advice in Florida, Georgia, and the U.S. Tax Court.*. Intellectual Property and U.S. Tax Court services are federal practice areas.^

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