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About last week...

So... last week, I didn't publish a post. Things got in the way and I just did not get around to it. In my first blog post, I wrote that I would provide a new post every Friday. There was some intention in that statement. I wanted you, my reader, to look forward to Friday posts. I also wanted to establish commitment and accountability on my behalf to post every week. Just so you know, sometimes, life will get in the way. If I fail to publish a post on Friday, charge it to my head and not my heart because you know what? It's not the end of the word if you don't get your Friday blog post.

Why even bring that up? I mean, who cares? It's just a blog, right? You are correct. This is just a blog, however, this blog presents my firm to the world and may even develop relations with people I would not have the opportunity to meet in regular interactions. Not only is this blog an avenue to showcase my firm's capabilities, it is also an avenue for potential clients to establish a connection and maybe even incite a call to my firm's office.

Small business owners should take that notion into consideration when implementing marketing for their business. Internet marketing is a great and inexpensive marketing tool to showcase your goods and or services. Social Media Influencers are everywhere and make significant financial gains just by posting entertaining content regularly. I get emails constantly from different companies regarding sales and discounts. Deleting or categorizing all those emails are annoying, however, when there is a deal you can't pass up, you buy. That's what the company wants you to do. They want loyalty. And you want loyalty from them.

So keep that in mind when you are establishing your brand for your business. Keep your clients updated. They will learn to expect to hear from you. Maybe not the first time or the second time. Definitely, the one year you forget to send out Christmas cards after sending them for a few years in a row. LOL! Put your business' name on everything and have a way for them to contact you. Establish brand loyalty by keeping your clients updated.

If you find that keeping up with running a business and marketing your business is too much to handle, outsource it and improve the well-being of another small business owner.* We can all help each other to survive and thrive.

*Establishing an independent contractor or employee relationship is not a common concept understood by all business owners. Be sure you are legally protected before delegating tasks.

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