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Pick me!

I've heard or read somewhere a story about the bread aisle in the grocery store. The story pointed out that there is an entire aisle in the grocery store full of different types of bread. Now this could be the same for any other type of good: cheese, cars, paper, etc. Either way, bread is bread. Yet, there are many different types of companies selling bread. Let's not forget that each producer is a seemingly successful businesses as well. They are all being consumed by the public because the public has a need for bread. Whether they buy your bread depends on how you offer your type of bread and whether your type of bread meets their needs.

Every type of good has to have some distinction that yells to the purchaser, "Pick me!" You want your audience to recognize your product and continuously return to your product and build loyalty. It is up to you what that distinction should be. Here are some examples:

  • Volvo - safety

  • Rolls-Royce - luxury

  • Target - higher quality value

  • Chevron - clean vehicle fuel

  • IKEA - affordable ergonomic design

There are numerous car manufacturers, big box stores, and furniture stores. What the listed companies have done is used their distinction to push their product through their particular market. When the client has a particular need, the business wants the client to think of them.

Your idea may be original. Once you present your idea to the public, however, it won't be that way for long. Or you may think that your idea is original, when in fact it is just an improvement or a preference for a particular good. Nothing wrong with that concept. Either way, you need to distinguish yourself from like products and services so that the potential client picks you instead of the loaf of bread sitting next to yours.

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