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Dream Catchers

Who you tell your dreams to can have a pivotal role in you realizing your dreams. There are four different types of dream catchers that can affect how you fulfill your dreams. Be on the lookout for all of them. You know who they are, so interact accordingly.

  • Dream Burners: These are the people that you tell your dreams to and the whole idea goes up in flames. Every idea or way to get an idea implemented is shut down. Be wary of when and how you speak on your dreams to them. Tell them your dreams when it is right for you and your dream can be protected: either because you've already implemented the steps to see your dream realized or because you have faith that even through the doubt, what you have dreamed up will come to fruition. It's all about timing with this type of individual. If you tell them at the appropriate time and in the right environment, then they may quickly change to a different dream catcher. With this type of person, be ready to move forward even with their comments. You never know, their comments may be actually helping you. With every dream burned by them, you can think of another way to fulfill your dream. If your dream is shut down by them and does not ever revive, it wasn't substantial enough. Though, if you can use the doubt and the "you'll never be able to get that off the ground" to sort out the kinks, all the better for you and your dream. All a part of the plan anyway. 😉

  • Dream Black Holes: These are the type of people that don't help you move forward in your dreams. You tell them what you have been dreaming about and the message does not go any where. The message stays right in the room where you have communicated. This type of person may be helpful because they will help you sort out your plan just by being a listening ear. By having someone to talk to, you can flesh out your idea and practice your elevator pitch for the next individual that can help you. Don't disregard this individual, however. Though the message may be going in one ear and out the other, something is sticking to them. They may down the road remember you talking to them and remember to help you out in your business. When you talk to this type of person, be prepared to just have someone listen to you so you can hear what you are thinking, sort the details out aloud, and give your idea better clarity.

  • Dream Accelerators: These are the people that have great influence and can help you project your dreams to the next level. Everyone wants to have this type of person in their group. Opening up to someone about something you have dreamed about leaves you vulnerable. Yet, that one person can be the accelerant that drives your dreams to the next level. They either know someone or they are ready to invest in your idea and can follow through with their words. Though this type of person is great, a dream accelerator is probably so influential that the idea will be attributed to them and not you. Definitely have this person in your corner, just be sure to protect your dream.

  • Dream Lifters: These are the silent supporters that work with you through everything to have your dream realized. They are working along side you day in and day out. They understand your goals and are selfless enough to project your dreams rather than their own. Look out for this type of person. They are vital, yet can be taken advantage of or overlooked. You want this type of person to stay around and you want to give them their flowers while they are still with you. Though they are loyal, they can be disregarded from oversight and move on, either for their own dreams or to support someone else that will appreciate their efforts. Whatever you do, keep this person around because their efforts are invaluable.

The different types of dream catchers stated above can be your employees, your family, your friends, or acquaintances. They could be in a room full of people that attended your workshop panel or an empty storefront that you leased expecting steady traffic only to see that no one is walking through the door. They are the people to whom you pitch your idea or even the barista at the coffee shop that sees you coming in to work every day. Don't forget that you are your own dream catcher. Place yourself in each category along the way. Other than yourself, look out for your dream catchers; you never know who could be placed in either category at any time.

The attorney that you retain should be more of a dream lifter; though they may come across as a dream burner. With your attorney, you should be able to confidently express what your dreams are and work with them to achieve your goals. With that said, be mindful that the attorney that is right for you should not always tell you what you want to hear. Though they want to help you achieve your goals, they are there to help you achieve them the best way. They have knowledge and experience that you may not have and can think of different strategies to implement to receive the best results according to their practice. When you are determining which attorney you are telling your dreams, try to ascertain if they take the role of counselor as a substantial element of their practice. If you have retained them, they have also chosen you. Work with them so that what may seem small to you now can be lifted through the hard legal work of your attorney.

At the end of the day, protect your dreams socially and legally.

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