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In Real Life...

Last week's post encouraged the dreamer to get started. The post was full of inspiration and was essentially a call to action; a trumpet call to take the next step in moving forward in your dreams. Well, that is what I hoped it would be. Maybe it was for you. If so, great. But this week's post is a caution for when you do take the leap.

In real life, businesses fail. There may be failures before successes. There are individuals out there that can take an idea and run with it. They have capital, time, and a great presence that brings in clients or customers. Their idea soars from the beginning. Their story is a great accomplishment meant to inspire other dreamers and believers to go after their own dreams. Just know, that their success story is not always the norm nor does it come without challenges.

Your business may not succeed. You may lose everything pursuing your dream. Does it mean that it wasn't a good idea or bound to fail from the beginning? No, not necessarily. There are many moving parts to a successful business, full of highs and lows. Sometimes you will have to take the humble way out and begin again with another venture. You won't win every battle. But don't let that stop you from trying.

There are many avenues of protection available should you implement them in the beginning stages of your business development. Reach out to mentors and other success stories and ask how they persevered through the hard times or the bad ideas. Their honesty is your education and road map as to how to avoid their mistakes and make your own, which will be a roadmap for the other individuals coming behind you.

Even if you find that the dream you've had your entire life is not what you want anymore, there's no defeat in going back to the drawing board. Sometimes, we go through failures to get to our successes. There's nothing wrong with spending the time and money in the beginning stages of your business to protect your assets. But even if you dove in head first, reach out for assistance to lessen the blow of a failed venture. Sometimes the timing isn't right and you need to try again later. Sometimes it is a wake up up call for another endeavor even greater. In every instance protect your dreams, whether in the beginning or in the transition.

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