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In the here and now

Though this firm caters to dreamers and believers, at the same time, those dreamers have to be in the here and now. It's great to have your head in the clouds because you get an aerial view of where you want your life to be. As a small business owner or creative, however, you do have to be prepared for the here and now.

One of the greatest lessons to ever learn and work to implement is that every person you meet is a potential client. Whether you are out with your friends or in a specific business meeting, you have the opportunity to gain a client. Many business networking coaches will urge you to have an elevator speech. You need to be able to tell whoever asks you what you do in such a way that they want your business card to contact you in the time that it takes for them to reach their floor on the elevator. You never know when you will interact with your dream lifter or dream accelerator. As a small business owner or creative, you have to be prepared for every opportunity.

Every opportunity will not immediately flourish into a paid opportunity. Though you work through the planting season to reap the harvest. And even though the harvest may not come for a while, and be even longer than you expected, be in the here and now to be ready for when the calls and sales come.

Part of being prepared for your clients and sales opportunities is having a strong legal foundation. As a small business owner or creative, you need a strong legal foundation and an established relationship with an attorney to go to when you get that big client or that career propelling gig. Though you are a dreamer with your head in the clouds, get with an attorney that can help you understand the here and now to protect yourself for the future you are dreaming about.

Today is Juneteenth. For years, slaves believed, prayed, and fought to be free of bondage. When the day finally came, some may have been at a loss as to how to survive. For so long, though they worked grueling assignments under horrendous conditions without pay, daily necessities were provided by their owners. With the message reaching them that they were finally free, a long time dream fulfilled, they now needed a way to provide for themselves. That meant opening their own businesses and building their own communities. Let's delight in the fact that small businesses build communities.

So though you may be a dreamer, and have a dream long delayed, be prepared because the dream will come to fruition. Your job is to be ready for the here and now, whenever it comes.

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