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The Founder's Dream

Legal Solutions for the Femmepreneur

As with most small businesses, my firm began with a desire to fulfill an unmet need.  I had a desire to serve a particular community to meet a need that I didn't see being met.  What I saw was individuals trying to scale their business without the legal documents or processes in place to protect themselves and their business.  Business owners didn't want to see their dreams go up in legal fees and court judgments.  Small business owners also minimized the value of being proactive with the legal foundation for their business due to costs.  I wanted to use my skills and education to serve entrepreneurs and dispel the stereotype regarding a client's perceived relationship with their attorney.  You can get to know about the firm here.

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To be an accessible full service business law firm that provides legal options for enterprising women with compassion and dedication. 

My firm aims to develop lasting relationships with its clients and address client needs on a particularized basis.  The firm prioritizes the specific needs of every client with which we engage.


The firm's vision is create a knowledgeable yet welcoming atmosphere where all businesses, especially woman and minority owned businesses, have access to quality legal services. 

Building your business part-time should not prevent you from access to an attorney.  The firm was always to be a welcomed place, where your legal needs could be met, and where you felt as though the attorney was working to help you and not just collect a fee.  Not only will the firm be knowledgeable of the law, the firm will be knowledgeable of our clients and how best to serve them and their particularized needs

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*This website is intended to give general information and does not give legal advice.  Appropriate legal advice depends on specific facts and circumstances and specified applicable laws.  Neither reading emails nor replying to emails is intended as giving legal advice nor establishing an attorney-client relationship.  The firm does not accept professional responsibility or liability for any matter unless, and until, there is an appropriate fee and representation agreement between the firm and the client.  The firm is licensed to give legal advice in Florida and Georgia.  The firm's attorney is also admitted to the U.S. Tax Court, the Northern District of Georgia, and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.*. Intellectual Property and U.S. Tax Court services are federal practice areas.^

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