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The "why" for my firm comes from scripture and personal experience.  Women like the Proverbs 31 Woman, the widow with oil and Elisha, Zelophedad's daughters, and Lydia.  Enterprising women of the Bible.  There is no requirement that women cannot lead and build thriving businesses and still be Christians because, Lydia and Priscilla especially, were able to provide for the ministry because of their business.  No one should demean or minimize your humble beginnings.  You don't have to accept things as they come to you.  You can protect your business, your brand, maintain your home, and love Jesus, your husband, and your family.  My firm wants to help you protect your business like you would protect your family.  Let my firm assist you with the legal part, so you can get back to business.



Your brand is valuable to your business.  Your brand is what tells the world who you are and what you produce or serve to your community.  Investing in protection of your intellectual property is invaluable.


Small businesses build the county.  Every large corporation today, once began as a small business.  The firm has a few options available to make having an attorney on retainer a viable option for your business.


Taxes are a part of life and they need to be paid one way or the other.  There are instances, however, where you have completed your due diligence and need guidance regarding your filed taxes.  The firm is here to help you one way or the other.


Whether it is a business dispute, an IRS matter, or an intellectual property matter, you need an attorney that can efficiently handle your case while you get back to business.

*This website is intended to give general information and does not give legal advice.  Appropriate legal advice depends on specific facts and circumstances and specified applicable laws.  Neither reading emails nor replying to emails is intended as giving legal advice nor establishing an attorney-client relationship.  The firm does not accept professional responsibility or liability for any matter unless, and until, there is an appropriate fee and representation agreement between the firm and the client.  The firm is licensed to give legal advice in Florida, Georgia, the U.S. Tax Court, and the Northern District of Georgia.*. Intellectual Property and U.S. Tax Court services are federal practice areas.^

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