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Intellectual Property

"Intellectual" - appealing to or engaging the capacity for thinking and acquiring knowledge, especially of a high or complex order.

"Property" - that which a person owns.

Every business has intellectual property

Protection comes from registration.

Many people think intellectual property only applies to artists, such as musicians, visual artists, choreographers, and other artists.  However, the name of your company and your brand are your intellectual property; they have value!  In order to maintain your brand, steps like trademark registration and copyright registration are impactful to ensure that no one else is able to use your hard work to build their business.

Though my firm does not practice patent law; trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets are a part of our scope of knowledge and services.  The firm's founder has a background in the arts and is passionate about protecting artists and their creativity.  Our founder's background in the arts and her passion for business makes us dedicated to protecting the creativity of all dreamers and believers, not just those with art-based business.  Give me a call today to see how I can assist you with protecting your brand.^

*This website is intended to give general information and does not give legal advice.  Appropriate legal advice depends on specific facts and circumstances and specified applicable laws.  Neither reading emails nor replying to emails is intended as giving legal advice nor establishing an attorney-client relationship.  The firm does not accept professional responsibility or liability for any matter unless, and until, there is an appropriate fee and representation agreement between the firm and the client.  The firm is licensed to give legal advice in Florida and Georgia.  The firm's attorney is also admitted to the U.S. Tax Court, the Northern District of Georgia, and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.*. Intellectual Property and U.S. Tax Court services are federal practice areas.^

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